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Our Square Drains

Designed for showers and ceramic floors, our SQUARE DRAIN facilitates and embellishes the results of your project. The SQUARE DRAIN is machined from a 4 "x 4" plate and its 1/4 " thickness gives it exceptional rigidity, its size and shape makes the SQUARE DRAIN easily adaptable to all ceramic formats.  It is produced in several finishes, including  BRUSHED, GOLD and BLACK.   The SQUARE DRAIN has a contemporary look and its straight lines eliminate the need for round cuts, thus emphasizing the layout of your ceramic. 


The SQUARE DRAIN is the perfect complement for today's upscale projects.   The design of the drainage holes, for which a patent is pending, allows the installer to position the SQUARE DRAIN as he wishes (360 °) on the plumbing return, regardless of where the screw holes are located on the drain pipe. This allows a perfect alignment with the desired ceramic tile layout.


Currently, square plates require that the screws must be previously aligned by the plumber, before the ceramic tile floor has been placed. Previously, if the plumber made a mistake or the tile layout was changed, the plate would not be properly aligned. Our SQUARE DRAIN solves these problems and installation is extremely easy, saving you time and money.


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